Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fashion Tips

Fashion is nothing but consciousness. I am trying to build up a fashion house of my own. There, my motto is making people beautiful. Beauty lies on person’s inside and fashion took out the beauty from their inside. There is a proverb that, eat according to your choice and wear according to other’s choice. So, we can say that fashion is not what you like to wear rather fashion is that, what others like you wear. It should give other people an idea about your personality, profession, age and culture. It has a vast meaning. We are not going to explain it. We rather discuss few tips of wearing cloths in general. According to fashion, we divide people in three groups: small, medium and large.

Most of the people think that, fashionable cloths are for the slim and tall figured girls. But this thing is absolutely wrong. Fashion is for you, you are not for fashion. First of all, make sure that you are happy with your figure and you should not be hyper sensitive about your weight. It must not have to be like miss world or universe. Take it as their profession not yours.

Small or slim people can wear anything they want. Every color also suits them. They just need to concentrate on their own style. Medium sized people’s best color should be the light colors. Long stripe cloths gives short people tall look.

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